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Online For All

This campaign will leverage the efforts of a diverse coalition of corporate, philanthropic, government, community-based, and national organizations and bring together local community action and large-scale mobilization efforts to meet this moment and ensure that every household can get online and stay connected.

Together, we can help families get more breathing room in their budgets, get online and get one step closer to closing the digital divide for good.

Why Internet Connectivity is important

Reliable high-speed internet is critical for Americans to access educational opportunities, healthcare services, and fully participate in our economy. 

The digital divide leaves millions of households behind and exacerbates patterns of inequality. 

Closing the Digital Divide Will Improve Educational Equity.

Higher home broadband adoption rates increase standardized test scores across the board, with higher gains for Black, Latino, and low-income students. (Telecommunications Policy)

Twenty-five percent of African American and 24% of low-income teens said they were sometimes or often unable to complete homework because they did not have access to a reliable computer or internet connection.
(Multimedia Media, Telecom, & Internet Council)

Closing the Digital Divide Will Save Lives.

Even after controlling for a host of other socioeconomic factors, a 1% increase in broadband access across the US reduced Covid mortality by approximately 19 deaths per 100,000, all things equal. 

The impact was even more stark in urban areas—in metro counties alone, a 1% increase in broadband access reduced Covid mortality by 36 deaths per 100,000, holding all else constant.

Closing the Digital Divide Will Increase Economic Mobility.

People who qualify for jobs that require even one digital skill can earn an average of 23 percent more than those working in jobs requiring no digital skills — an increase of $8,000 per year for an individual worker.
(National Skills Coalition)

Nearly one-third of U.S. workers do not have foundational digital skills, and workers of color fall disproportionately into this category due to structural inequities.
(National Skills Coalition)

It’s going to take all
of us, together.

It will require large-scale community engagement and mobilization to meet this moment and ensure that every eligible American can get connected. 

Join Online For All as a Supporting Organization to become part of the national movement to ensure internet access, affordability, and equity for students, families, and all Americans.


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